Revision and maintenance

Revision and Maintenance

Vacuum dehumidification, filtering, degassing of the oil contained in the working power transformers, with the use of appropriate treatment plants, with a capacity of up to 5000 lt/ h to be carried out on-site.

Monitoring of the state of use of the transformers via tests on samples of oil. 

Special on-site functioning checks of the HV/MV power transformers; 

External maintenance, analysis of fault of power transformers;

Revision and/or maintenance of HV or MV windings on on-load tap changers of power transformers to be done at the factory.

Disposal and decontamination

Disposal and decontamination

Our company is able to carry out decontamination operations on transformers with a level of PCB contamination up to 300 ppm, or the disposal of transformers with a high level of PCB contamination or completely full of fireproof oil or similar products.

Current environmental restrictions demand an accurate selection of reliable partners with the right licenses for the handling and thermal destruction of contaminated products.

Extensive know-how and a solid reputation is the guarantee we give our clients in solving this kind of specific problem.